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Music | Who are we? The Pontangz!

The rise to fame is no easy feat. It takes hard work, concentration, building skills, sourcing out venues and doing so under the gaze of the ever-judging public. This is a reality rock-band, The Pontangz, are unfortunately now facing as they have hit backlash from a band name they created in innocence. This has caused them to not only lose a promoter, but a headline gig in the well-known Glasgow-based Broadcast venue.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Ryan Maclean A.K.A DJ RYZ - From bedroom floor to supporting the mighty Prodigy

DJ RYZ has been in his own words “plugging away” at the scene in Inverness. It’s a humble statement, mark of the man. He has DJ’d with DJ YODA, JAGUAR SKILLS, ALTERN8’S Mark Archer, BENJI BOKO, CUBAN BROTHERS, DJ MONEYSHOT and TODDLA T to name a few.

I wanted to see where he was now.

Rest assured, he is not just “Plugging away”.

Music - Billow Wood - You Guys Have Nailed it!

Billow Wood are a multi - instrumental traditional Irish pop group from a wee town called Ballina in county Mayo Ireland. The young outfit comprises of Mark, Ciara, Harry and Bríd and seeing I was the drummer chosen to perform with them at a home coming concert, it was only right that I listen to their back catalogue in order to get a better feel and sense for what it is that they do, plus…it looks professional from my standpoint.

Music - Young Fathers - 19 July, 2018, Nice Jazz Festival, Masséna Stage - At the moment, no-one else is making music like this - A blistering performance.

On the button at 8 there is a pounding beat - Young Fathers are here. The Nice crowd is just arriving. A pity that some will miss this. There is a core following there with them as they blend rap, rock and soul. Nobody cares - it’s Young Fathers! Tight, heavy, hard - just the right attitude to take this audience on. Most are here to see Massive Attack, probably not realising the bands’ recent links. Visually, this is interesting too, Massaquoi's Cocoa Sugar hat, Bankole’s bare chest and dance moves, and it gets the first-time listeners into the sound textures blasting from the stage.