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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Ryan Maclean A.K.A DJ RYZ - From bedroom floor to supporting the mighty Prodigy

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Ryan Maclean A.K.A DJ RYZ - From bedroom floor to supporting the mighty Prodigy


I am sitting with Ryan Maclean. AKA DJ RYZ. Based in the Highland capital of Inverness. DJ RYZ has been DJ’ing since 1997 beginning his journey in the abyss of sound on the floor of his bedroom. Armed merely with a set of CAM belt drives and USA grey shoebox mixer with a cross fader looser than an amusement arcade cuddly toy grab machine. He knew that this was destiny.

DJ RYZ has been in his own words “plugging away” at the scene in Inverness. It’s a humble statement, mark of the man. He has DJ’d with DJ YODA, JAGUAR SKILLS, ALTERN8’S Mark Archer, BENJI BOKO, CUBAN BROTHERS, DJ MONEYSHOT and TODDLA T to name a few.

I wanted to see where he was now.

Rest assured, he is not just “Plugging away”.


DJ RYZ!! Thanks for joining me. What have you been up to?

Just hot off the block from supporting the Mighty Prodigy at the SSE HYDRO.

WOW! So tell us how did that come about?

Basically, I seen that they were looking for ten DJ’s from the regions where they were hosting the “No Tourist” UK tour. It was a competition and I thought to myself that’s my style of music. Entered the competition thinking I’m going to win that!

The Prodigy is a great inspiration to me. Liam Howlett’s musical taste. His production across Breaks, Rock, Funk and soul; It’s not one genre it’s everything.


DJ RYZ Won the competition and represented Scotland at Glasgow SSE being chosen by Liam Howlett and Represent Radio who ran the competition.


 What was it in the first instance that drew you towards the Prodigy and Liam Howlett.

When I was about 11 or 12, I was sat on top of my shed roof in the summer. Everyone was playing their radios in my scheme and suddenly, the atmosphere changed when “Charly” came on.

I remember it. Ice cream van, radios from the houses and the sun going down ready for the top ten.

I wanted to get into music. I’ve done it ever since.


 Did you recognise the “Charly Says”?

Of course! Don’t cross the road without looking you daft c@#t and don’t piss off with strangers!

 Wise words indeed. OK, so how was the gig?

For me it was out of this world.

 In what way?

The crowd, the attendance, the sheer volume of people. The energy off the crowd from playing my set was something else.

 How many people were you warming up?

About 8000 people!

 Sound! How was the set going?

Didn’t miss a bar. I basically put the set together the morning of the gig.

 What was the plan with the set?

Keep it as close to the OLD SKOOL as I could and get my style of music with breaks in the mix. I knew I wasn’t playing to fucking idiots. Prodigy fans know their music. They love the old, they love the new and I wanted to give them that.

 And The Prodigy? How did they go down?

Immense. Electric. Just fucking out of this world. They never fail.  From start to finish its just THERE!!

They don’t hold back! No point being on the stage unless you’re going to go buck wild!

Ask Dave Grohl!

DJ RYZ and the indomitable Keith Flint of The Prodigy.

 What’s your Rig?

Two technics 1210’s.

Pioneer S9 Mixer.

SHURE M-44-7 Cartridges.

AIAIAI Limited edition Stonesthrow headphones (Cut Chemist Limited edition)


What are you listening to?

Mark Archer

Mark Mackenzie

So, what’s next for you?

I am DJ’ing at SWG3. It’s Scotland’s largest warehouse rave venue and I am over the fucking moon.

2 Many DJ’s will be in the hall next to me and DJ’s from all over the world get asked to be there. I run a night in Inverness that’s OLD SKOOL called JOY with my mate Ally Ridgers in the New Year. I also resident at Audiolife with Alan MacPherson in the town of Inverness.

What kind of set can they expect?

It’s a 91-warehouse rave! So, you can expect me to take you back to OLD SKOOL rave, glow sticks, smoke machines and good clean fucking carnage.

I cannot wait!


Ryan Maclean aka DJ RYZ can be found on the following links.

DJ KaosTheory



If you are a DJ or Artist and would like a couple of beers and a sit down get in touch.

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