Food & Drink | The Manhattan - Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time

All five boroughs of New York City have cocktails named after them: the Bronx and the Queens are gin & vermouth mixes while the Staten Island Ferry has given its name to an exotic rum-based concoction similar to a Piña Colada. But much older than these are whiskey based mixes: the mighty Manhattan and it's lesser-known but equally delicious neighbour, the Brooklyn. Like the eponymous island, the Manhattan is bittersweet, strong, eternally cool, and yet retains a slight dangerous edge.

Food & Drink - The Martini - Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time

Ernest Hemingway, Marlene Dietrich, David Niven and Humphrey Bogart - not to mention fictional secret agent James Bond - have all helped to raise the classic dry martini to iconic status: the epitome of effortless cool. Even what it's served in - the emblematic Y-shaped glass - has become an icon known the world over as a martini glass (more on the problematic glass later). First and foremost, though, this cocktail is popular because it is delicious: flavoursome and strong as well as suave.

Art - Exclusive Interview with Scaf_Oner - The Peoples Vandal

Scaf_Oner is fast becoming one of the worlds foremost grafetti artists. His work is amusing, carefully crafted and above all, spectactular. Based somewhere in france,  he began spray painting grafetti in abandoned buildings, a vandal, anonymous. However, with the advent of social media came new forums from where Scaf_Oner could bring his work to the attention of the public. It was not his intention to be ‘well known’ and even now prefers to be semi-hidden when appearing in his own work. However, a talent this incredible cannot remain in the shadows and with some 27.5k followers on instagram, Scaf_Oner is a street art pioneer, the peoples vandal.

Food & Drink | Nicolas Alziari - Traditional Olive Oil Producer - Nice

So there I was being shown the three old olive grinding basins in Alziari’s charmingly antiquated mill, my nostrils filled with the heavy scent of crushed olives. The basins and the revolving grinding wheels are made from that same shiny beige marble-like sandstone - locally quarried - that we still see in the older curbstones of Nice, Monaco and other towns along the Riviera coast.

Art - Exclusive Interview with Tanja McKinley.

Tanja Babic is causing quite the stir in the world of abstract art. Having exhibited her work all over the world she came to my attention on instagram and along with her 22.6k followers, I too was a fan. Graduating from the University of Belgrade with an MA in fine art under Professor Zoran Vuković and an active member of the association of fine artists of Serbia, Tanja is looking forward to her next exhibition in La Artcore in Los Angeles, California in April of 2019. Abstract art can be a mystery to some as the familiarity with the realism of the subject matter is blended, mixed and distorted beyond recognition on the cavas leaving the viewer lost and detached from the artists work. However, abstract painting is the extreme expression of human emotion and thus to love and understand it, you must see and feel the artists work with your heart: ‘My work is filled with emotions, and I want the viewer to feel them too.’

Art – Exclusive Interview with Lovely Rita – 'The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes'

Picture yourself in a 15th Century Church somewhere in France, Lovely Rita is listening to music, the classics, dreaming of tangerine tress and marmalade skies. The colours in her mind slowly and deliberately swimming together to form the geometric shapes that will come together, revealing her muse in painted stained-glass sanctity. Rita’s paintings are wonderous and otherworldly, what was her creative process? The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes.

Art – Exclusive Interview with Alexander Van Glitch - Scratching the Surface: Religion, Faith, Death, Celebrity & Addiction.

Alexander Van Glitch makes me feel uncomfortable. Where most artists are concerned with conventional beauty, Van Glitch is pulling, ever so slightly and delicately, at the pools of imperfections in the human condition.

The ‘Glitch’, the ‘Distortion’ in his work, reflecting at his audience their own concealed data corruptions. Intrigued, I reached out to Alexander Van Glitch, he wants to ‘scratch under surface’ of human life. I wanted to scratch under the surface of his.

Film - Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse - there's a new webslinger in town

Meanwhile, in another dimension, Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) is bitten by a radioactive spider while exploring the subway with his Uncle Aaron (Mahershala Ali). When he witnesses the opening of an trans-dimensional portal orchestrated by Kingpin (Liev Schreiber), Miles becomes a magnet for pan-dimensional Spider-people pulled into his reality. These include Peter B Parker (Jake Johnson), an alternate Spider-man who prefers sweatpants to spandex; Gwen Stacy (Hailee Steinfeld), her reality’s Spider-woman; Spider-Man Noir (Nicolas Cage), a black-and-white crime-fighter plucked from the 1930s; Peni Parker, a child psychically bonded with a spider-bot (Kimiko Glenn); and Peter Porker (John Mulaney): Spider-pig. Together, they must close down the portal, but not before using it to return each of them to their respective New Yorks.