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Wines - Exclusive Interview with Christophe Bouvet - Château Mouresse - Vidauban - Var

In the summer of 2010, perusing the short but promising wine list of the Bistrot d’Antoine in Old Nice, I plumped for a mid-range Côtes de Provence rosé that was unknown to me: “Classic” from Château Mouresse, at €28. It was seriously good: fruity but dry and with a pale pink blush. On the back label was the vineyard's URL giving its address in Vidauban, in the neighbouring département of the Var. Needless to say I beat a path to their door and tasted their other wines, all of which I found to be as good as that rosé - which cost only about €6.50 direct from the vineyard. So, with twisted shopaholic’s logic, I figured the more I buy the more I save! In due course, once friends and family had tasted those wines and concurred with their quality and great value, Château Mouresse became a staple of my cellar ever since.