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Music | Kleopatra – The self-releasing artist.

Music | Kleopatra – The self-releasing artist.

Glasgow based musician Kleopatra talks about self-releasing, creative control and much more.

Breaking into the music world can be challenging and confusing at the best of times.  As the industry changes and grows, it is important that a musician adapt accordingly.

The UK is home to hundreds of Independent or Indie record labels. 

Indie labels provide a starting platform for many bands and musicians who are just starting out. As the number of Indie labels increases, more and more bands are discovering ways to build their success without the help of major labels.   

Local Glasgow based artist Kleopatra uses social media, local facilities and her fellow musicians to make and produce music without the help of a label. Kleopatra is a dark pop artist originally from Dumfries & Galloway.

The multi-talented Kleopatra is a self-releasing and producing artist.  She released her debut single “Cameo” which she co-produced with Lewis Gardner in January before her newest single “Wasted on Youth.”

Kleopatra said: "I think that nowadays the market is saturated with people who are trying to get signed or get famous.  this just makes it really difficult for anybody to get noticed. The information about the steps you need to take to release your own music is more easily available. Anybody who has the time to learn about it, and think about it properly has the capability to release their own music.

Whilst it may cost you a little bit more in the beginning, it is definitely better in the long run as it, enables you to have more control over your creative practice, and your identity which is a huge part of who you are as a musician. "

Many artists do not feel the need to seek out and impress major labels anymore. 

Kleopatra said: “The decision between self-releasing and signing with an indie or major label is difficult.  Whilst the journey has been really difficult, I have still really enjoyed, having the creative control over myself and my music

However, there is no denying the force behind a larger record label, this is very attractive to most artists, so it's a really difficult choice, I think it would depend on where I was, how old I was and what I wanted at the time, however for now I think it is best for me to keep self-releasing.”

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