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Music | Swipe Right for Plastic Poetry!

Music | Swipe Right for Plastic Poetry!

Up-coming rock band, Plastic Poetry, uses unconventional dating site Tinder to promote gig dates and band details.

Picture this: The spotlight is on as you are up on the main stage, singing along to melody of the guitar, keeping pace with the beat of the drums and with fans all lining up to scream your name.


The chance to live out the vision of being a real-life Rockstar is considered a mere dream for many but for up-coming rock-band, Plastic Poetry, this common fantasy is quickly transforming into a very exciting reality.

Plastic Poetry is a French/Scottish alternative rock band based in Glasgow, Scotland with links to France and Germany.

The band includes melodic singer Victor, passionate drummer Tim, energetic guitarist Adrien and the newest member to the band, bass player Andrew.

Victor said: “This all started when I met the guitarist in 2015 back in Munich, where we were both studying in a French high school. We started writing some songs and I moved and formed the band here. Then we brought Andrew onto the bass and Tim on the drums. That is when we started making some real noise.”


Andrew added: "I had seen Victor around, we were both parts of a music society at our UNI and so I knew his face. He mentioned he had this band ‘Plastic Poetry' and they were playing a gig.  I asked him if he would want to play with me and he said yeah.  We both shared some songs we had written, played together and we were both pretty impressed with the sound.”

Currently, Plastic Poetry is exploring the use of unconventional promotional platforms such as the well-known dating app Tinder in which they have an account dedicated to their band.  You can also find them on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


Victor said: “To use Tinder wasn’t our idea, it was my actually my twin sister who started the Tinder account. She is studying digital media and she had the idea. It has been really good for us because it has been constant promotion, free of charge, you just appear on people’s phones. It has helped us get us interviews like this, exposure and it helps us reach new people and connects us with potential new fans.”

He added: “The use of Tinder for band exposure isn’t something that will become widespread as I think it is technically against the rules of Tinder. However, until it is taken down it has helped us on our way.”

Plastic Poetry is very passionate about their art and has taken part in a range of solo gigs throughout Glasgow. This includes multiple appearances at King Tut’s, The Record Factory and most recently The 13th Note.


Victor said: “The reason I am doing this, personally, is to share the songs that we have created. That is the only objective.  That is our main goal. Even when we are gigging, which is very enjoyable especially in the Glasgow scene, our objective stays the same. To share our music with as many people as possible”

Andrew added: “The first time I played at King Tut’s was with Plastic Poetry. It blew me away. We also played a very fun gig at ‘The Hug and Pint’. We were offered half-price food and drink for performing and it was some of the best vegetarian and vegan food I have ever had. It was very memorable."

As a new band, Plastic Poetry is yet to be signed although they are currently exploring their options and enjoying learning new abilities, meeting new fans and living the band-life.


Andrew said: "In terms of plans? Well, we have stuff in the pipes. We have been contacted by an organisation recently that seem pretty interested in putting something together with us that could lead to some touring."

Victor continued: “For me and the guitarist Adrien, our roots are French and so we definitely want to play in Paris this summer, and Munich, Germany. We also want to play, one day, at Audio Glasgow. We have never played there and I really like the venue.”

So, if you are looking for a new, unique sound from a passionate group of skilled artists…It may be time to connect to tinder, and swipe right on Plastic Poetry!

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