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Art - INTERVIEW with L.E.C.R.I - Self Taught Punk Inspired Instagram Sensation.

Art - INTERVIEW with L.E.C.R.I - Self Taught Punk Inspired Instagram Sensation.

Instagram is a strange place. Drowning in the soulless narcissism of body perfect imagery, lie hidden some truly remarkable artists. These maverick indie painters can often have thousands of followers and yet remain completely unknown to the masses, their talent gasping for air under the weight of a billion Dorian Grey’s.

However, through the insta-mist one can find an exceptional shining talent and with this discovery in hand, I set about contacting L.E.C.R.I, to find out more about his work, his story and what inspires Max Savidan A.K.A L.E.C.R.I.

(The Interview was conducted on Tuesday the 4th of December at 18:52. There has been minimal editing in order to preserve the authenticity of interview.)

Tell me a bit about yourself. When did you start painting and why?

I’m a french guy from Brittany, more precisely,  36 years old . I Paint and draw since I’m child, but the real beginning is late,  at 32 years old I took the pseudo "l.e.c.r.i" and since then I work my paintings every day.

Why: I started painting because I had a carpentry company that took all my energy and I left everything and I found in art a way to communicate without having to please anyone.

So you have no formal training in art?

Only self educated (autodidacte in french)

It’s easy with internet for learning techniques.

So what or who influences your painting?

My influences come from music like punk rock when i was young and hip hop later. For years, I’ve been learning ideas from every possible influences and everything comes out now.  I can not name an artist or an artistic stream (I don’t know if it is the good word) there are thousand and always more each day.

So who are your favorite bands!?

For punk music: Mass Murderers, Tagada Jones, Lofofora, Dead Kennedy’sThe ClashBad BrainsCrass...  For hip hop its only french group like AssassinKabal, CavaleraPhiloophazOdezenne and lot of others I like a lot of different style of music, when its good for my ears no matter the style.

Why do you prefer painting portraits?

I paint portraits mainly because it's in this style that I manage to do what I'm looking for, mix the rough side and softness, I do not want any message just felt, I have other series of paintings that are not portraits but more totems that mix objects and animals.

So are your paintings an expression of your own emotions? Or do you paint from the perspective of what the subject is feeling?

Very good question! I paint about the subject is feeling, for my part I am someone who is happy. What would reside from me is the introspection side not the sad side (I don’t think my paintings are sad or melancholic but I often hear people say that they are)

So like a songwriter, do you place your subject in a narrative inspired by your musical influences and then tell the subjects story? 

Yes,  it is a good vision of things,  trying to tell by a look or an attitude a particular moment in a person' s life. But for me the intention is not the same when I paint a child or adult.

So what's next for you and your painting career? Your Instagram is doing amazing!

The next step will be to change my job to have more time for my creations. I will work 4 days a week in the frame and the other 3 days will be to paint. I also have a big project on which I work for 2 years, I will create furniture, sculpture, jewelry, tee shirt and try to work with artist friends. I also want to paint more..... in the street.

 Check out L.E.C.R.I here.

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