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Food & Drink | Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time - COMING SOON

Food & Drink | Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time - COMING SOON

We on the Food&Drink team enjoy the good things in life and on these pages we celebrate them. We've covered great restaurant meals, lip-smacking wines, top quality olive oil, and we’ll continue to bring such delights to your attention. Now we are introducing a new weekly spot to (re)acquaint you with the classic cocktails.

While there has been a spike in interest in cocktails over recent years, this has lead to some pretty bizarre and frankly frightening new concoctions - the Burger King Tequila Whopperito cocktail anyone? [* recipe below if you're interested, and if you're strong enough]. But, by contrast, the classic cocktails are 80-150 years old now; they are cocktail bar battle-hardened; tried and tested. They mostly have just a couple of ingredients so that makes them simple; and the ingredients are easy to find, either in local shops or online. Equipment? Cocktail shaker can cost as little as €10. Every fridge makes ice for free. Recipes free online. We neeeeed to take a closer look.

A classic cocktail should be greater than the sum of its parts (that's where the Burger King Tequila Whopperito falls down. Well, one of the ways). Gin is good, vermouth is good, but shake the two together with ice and a slice of lemon and alchemy happens. So let's explore these fascinating combo’s. How d'you make a DRY MARTINI ? What is the history of the suave NEGRONI ? Why did MARY spill her BLOOD ? What is a DAIQUIRI and how did it get its weird name?

So look out for these and much more on Chrystal on upcoming Fridays - that last day of the working week when you've earned a reward. And what better way than with a chilled glass of something strong that Ernest Hemingway downed by the dozen ?

Tomorrow, Friday 25th January 2019 we kick off with: the classic and classy NEGRONI. Join us for a drink.


The Dry Martini

Classic and classy.

* The Burger King Tequila Whopperito cocktail, in all its glory:

Start by taking a Burger King “Whopperrito” - not familiar with this masterpiece gastronomique? It's a burger with slightly spicier beef stuffed into a damp tortilla. Put this into the blender with a strawberry milkshake, add tequila and lime juice... and blend. After seeing the chunky spew-like results press blend again for a very, very long time. Then garnish with a small sachet of Heinz BBQ sauce, and serve. A boozy, blended, burger burrito beverage fit for a King...? Nope. Tastes like Parisian tarmac after a Yellow Vest riot.

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Food & Drink | The Negroni - Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time

Food & Drink | The Negroni - Cocktail Hour - Apéritif Time

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